Aayudh Advance

Aayudh Maintain

Aayudh Advance functions akin to mobilizing a highly specialized surgical strike team:

When you call the surgical strike team, they are your attack and your defence strategies. The team will be fast, silent, very precise, and highly effective with the sole aim of accomplishing its objective. When you use Aayudh Advance, you are introducing this highly specialized surgical strike team in the sick body: fast acting, no known adverse effects, precisely targets the pathogens and quickly helps reduce the pathogen load.

Aayudh Advance:

  • Strikes the pathogen without damaging the surroundings (think sniper-like precision)
    • Aayudh Advance must act like a sniper’s shot against pathogens. Otherwise, good body cells can die, which would cause more harm than good in the body and health deterioration. We do not want that, hence the sniper-like shot of Aayudh Advance!
  • Deters pathogen entry into cells
    • Once the pathogen is in, you cannot anticipate all the havoc it will create. Hence, the best way is to try and stop the pathogens from entering cells. This is precisely what Aayudh Advance does!
  • Upregulates the immune system
    • Immune system cells play a critical role in eating and demolishing pathogens and killing the infected cells. Aayudh Advance makes sure that the immune system home in, strike and strike hard!
  • Absorbs and dismantles the radicals produced during the fight
    • When the body is fighting an infection, both the body and the infection tend to produce a lot of debris. Much of this debris gets in the way of helping the body and harms it in turn. Aayudh Advance helps dispose this debris properly, so it does not cause collateral damage and get in the body’s way of fixing itself!

During Human Clinical Trial, Aayudh Advance was found to reduce the viral load in the body by 300% and significantly expedite patient recovery, without any known side effects, drug-to-drug interactions, contraindications or adverse effects. Thus, Aayudh Advance can be safely used as a supplemental treatment for Viral Load Management.

Designed using Ayurvedic and Quantum Electro-Mechanical Physics, Aayudh Advance marks the critical balance of various Ayurvedic ingredients that are specially processed using the cutting-edge and highly innovative Quantum Technology. This technology transforms the often slower acting Ayurvedic elements into fast-acting, highly precise and very accurate formulations to manage the pathogen load in the body. Since Aayudh Advance is made from well-established Ayurvedic elements, it is safe to infer that the formulation has no known side effects, drug-to-drug interactions, contraindications or adverse effects. Aayudh Advance is meant to work in synchrony with the body for a speedy recovery.

Antibacterial and Antiviral Health Supplement

Drink 10mL. three (3) or four (4) times a day on an empty stomach (dilute only if necessary) or as directed by Physician.

Aayudh Advance is not known to possess any side effects. If you have any questions or feel any side effects, please consult a Physician.

Aayudh Advance is not known to have drug-to-drug interactions with other medicines or health supplements. If you have any questions or feel any adverse effects, please consult a Physician.