AAYUDH Advance

AAYUDH advance

Helps fight critical viral and bacterial infections.

Your personal surgical strike team.

A surgical strike team takes care of the attack and defence strategies. The team will be fast, silent, very precise, and highly effective with the sole aim of accomplishing its objective. AAYUDH Advance works like this highly specialized surgical strike team in the sick body: fast-acting, no known adverse effects, no known side effects and quickly helps reduce the pathogen load.

AAYUDH Advance:

  • AAYUDH Advance has side benefits, not side effects*:
    • > 99% of the patients tested virus-free within a week
    • No known side effects
    • No known adverse effects
    • No known health deteriorations
    • Found to be safe for patients with morbidities and co-morbidities
  • * As per data of the human clinical trials

During rigorous tests and trials, AAYUDH Advance was observed to quickly reduce the viral load in the body and significantly expedite patient recovery, without any known side effects, drug-to-drug interactions, contraindications or adverse effects. Thus, AAYUDH Advance can be safely used as a concomitant treatment for Viral Load Management.

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Star Rating

It is very effective and safe. Excellent product

- Mona Bhalani
Star Rating

It is highly effective product against COVID 19

- Dr. Manish Rachchh
Star Rating

It's really very effective nd natural product

- Pragna patel
Star Rating

It's really effective for immunity boosting

- Mansi Bose
Star Rating

Aayudh advance is best the supplement for covid patients.

- Sanjay Pandit
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