Aayudh Maintain

Aayudh Maintain

Aayudh Maintain functions akin to your home security guard:

A home security guard makes rounds of the property to detect threats and intruders, constantly keeps an eye on the surveillance cameras and alerts the police when required. Similarly, Aayudh Maintain acts as your body’s security guard. Aayudh Maintain makes rounds of the body in search for pathogens, constantly keeps tabs on certain biochemical parameters in the body for surveillance and alerts the body’s immune system in case of threats or pathogens. In addition, Aayudh Maintain enhances the body’s immune system and improves its abilities to detect pathogens in the body. This way, when a pathogen enters our body and tries to infect it, our body’s immune system is already vigilant and disposes the pathogen before it gets a chance to spread in our body and make us sick.

However, a security guard is only helpful if she/he is in position before the intruder attack. Similarly, Aayudh Maintain needs to be in place before the pathogen intrusion. Aayudh Maintain is a prophylactic health supplement and should be used daily for preventative care against pathogens. Additionally, when we anticipate a threat, we increase our security defences. Likewise, increase your dosage of Aayudh Maintain when you anticipate greater exposure to pathogens.

Aayudh Maintain is made from all-natural and organically sourced essential oils. They are precisely processed to form colloids that aid the body improve its vigilance towards various threats. Aayudh Maintain synchronizes the Ayurvedic knowledge with the Nano Sciences. Ayurveda guides the combinations of essential oils and Nano Sciences help combine and heighten the effectiveness of the oils in the formulations. Aayudh Maintain formulations are found to be very safe for use with no known contraindications or side effects.

Preventative Health Supplement

Drink 10mL. one (1) to three (3) times a day (as needed) on an empty stomach or as directed by Physician.

Aayudh Maintain is not known to possess any side effects. If you have any questions or feel any side effects, please consult a Physician.

Aayudh Maintain is not known to have drug-to-drug interactions with other medicines or health supplements. If you have any questions or feel any adverse effects, please consult a Physician.