AAYUDH Maintain

AAYUDH Maintain

Prophylactic (Preventative) Health Supplement.

You need not fall sick just because you’re helping someone sick.

AAYUDH Maintain acts as the body’s security guard: A home security guard makes rounds of the property to detect threats and intruders, constantly keeps an eye on the surveillance cameras and alerts the police when required. AAYUDH Maintain makes rounds of the body in search for pathogens, constantly keeps tabs on certain biochemical parameters in the body for surveillance and alerts the body’s immune system in case of threats or pathogens. This way, when a pathogen enters our body and tries to infect it, the body’s immune system is already vigilant and disposes the pathogen before it gets a chance to spread in the body and make it sick. Additionally, when we anticipate a threat, we increase our security defences. Likewise, you may increase the dosage of AAYUDH Maintain when you anticipate greater exposure to pathogens.

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Star Rating

It is very effective and safe. Excellent product

- Mona Bhalani
Star Rating

It is highly effective product against COVID 19

- Dr. Manish Rachchh
Star Rating

It's really very effective nd natural product

- Pragna patel
Star Rating

It's really effective for immunity boosting

- Mansi Bose
Star Rating

Aayudh advance is best the supplement for covid patients.

- Sanjay Pandit
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Preventative Health Supplement

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