About Us

Our Mission

To provide safe, sustainable and effective herbal nano and Quantum technologies-based options to address critical Global Priority issues and foster livelihood.

Our Vision

Transforming dreams into realities for humanity.

Our Strength

Our true strength is our people. We treasure our employees and our bonds with our collaborations. Our faith and trust in each other make us a greater whole than as individuals and propel us towards a brighter future.

Our Values & Philosophy

Pinaq Remedies (India) Pvt. Ltd. is a research-based company and we specialize in highly cutting-edge Nano and Quantum technologies that are organic, herbal and sustainable.

Our care for humanity, desire to heal the environment and Ethical Business Practices cement our foundation. Our leadership is a strong believer in sustainable, innovative and effective green solutions that empower humanity while rebuilding the environment in a very cost-effective manner. We pride ourselves in effectively understanding and delivering as per our customers’ requirements and meeting our consumers’ needs.

Currently, we are focusing on global priorities in Agriculture, Health, Hygiene and Environment.

Company Background

The Shukla Ashar Group was founded in 1952 by Shri. N. D. Shukla and Shri J. B. Ashar. We are strong proponents of staying true to our roots while expanding and diversifying in efforts to meet the current needs of the world. Hence, we established Pinaq Remedies (India) Pvt. Ltd, an innovative and sustainable research-based company.

After years of rigorous research, we successfully combined the ancient art and knowledge of Ayurveda with the advanced principles of Quantum Electro-Mechanical Physics to present to the world the true power of Nano and Quantum particles that are truly organic, natural, extremely efficacious and very safe. The Ayurvedic sciences guide us to combine the right vegetable, grain and herbal extracts, while the principles of Quantum Electro-Mechanical Physics help us miniaturize the products into nano and quantum sizes. The synergistic combination of both sciences increase the potencies and target specificities of our various formulations and make them very safe for us and the environment.

We have developed a wide range of natural and powerful products to respond to many globally-faced challenges faced in the fields of Agriculture, Health, Hygiene, Oral Care, Animal Care, Mosquito Control and Management, Cleaning, Soil Amendment, Detoxification, Waste Management, Sanitation, Degreasing, Flora and Fauna management, Oil Slick Management, and many more. At the Pinaq Remedies Group, we aim to revolutionize and transform the quality of life, and overcome globally-faced challenges.

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